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About Us

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According to research, the use of Metaverse in Education started in 2007. Still, it later saw a sharp decline in the year 2013. Slowly with the popularity of virtual environments, the metaverse trend has risen again. To further the quality of education, AIMRI heading to the hypothetical iteration of the Internet – The Metaverse. With our collaboration, AIMRI shall now be called the 'Aries Industrial Metaverse Research Institute (AIMRI)'. This virtual space shall focus on offering students an immersive and engaging experience coupled with real-life stimulating case scenarios to understand and learn concepts effectively. Metaverse will also support emotional learning and help students gain a deeper insight into various topics.

Since its inception, AIMRI has ensured a conducive and fun learning environment amalgamated with innovative teaching methods by utilizing advancing technologies, especially visual media. Aries International Maritime Research Institute (AIMRI) is an innovative new-generation training institute established in 2014 to promote Industry Oriented Research activities. AIMRI imparts high-quality education through a comprehensive, well-knit, and advanced course structure to equip young aspirants with skills to enhance their personalities and realize their ambitions. With an extensive experience of over 9 years in the Industry, AIMRI has produced batches of refined professionals ready to contribute their best inputs in various fields of work, especially industrial research activities. Besides this, AIMRI also bestows Industrial Doctorates to individuals with over 25+ years of Industry experience.

AIMRI is a Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2015) Certification body accredited by the UAE Government Body - Emirates International Accreditation Centre (EIAC), an MLA signatory member of IAF (International Accreditation Forum). AIMRI is affiliated with National Council for Technology and Training, India, and is a third-party auditor for ISO and many other marine bodies.

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